My name is Randy Barker. I am an artist who works in wood. I live in central Maine and only use locally sourced wood. I like to say “Whatever you can find in a Maine firewood pile”. My favorite kind of wood to use is “Burl” wood or “Spalted” wood. Anything that isn’t just plain grain. It drives my wife nuts that I get more excited over an odd piece of wood than most anything else. Some people would call me a “bowl turner” but I like to think of myself as an artisan who works in wood. Whatever I feel like making or trying to make I will, sometimes it works sometimes it don’t!

I also work with bone and antler to make jewelry and this winter will be trying my hand at small tables and other furniture.

Here you will find some images of what I do, links to view more, buy what is currently available, or contact me to request a special piece or set.  Start by visiting my Facebook page or my Big Cartel site that can be found in the menu as “SHOP”

In time, I will include here a gallery of my work.  Thank you for stopping by.