My name is Randy Barker. I am an artist who works in wood. I live in central Maine and only use locally sourced wood. I like to say “Whatever you can find in a Maine firewood pile”. My favorite kind of wood to use is “Burl” wood or “Spalted” wood. Anything that isn’t just plain grain. It drives my wife nuts that I get more excited over an odd piece of wood than most anything else. Some people would call me a “bowl turner” but I like to think of myself as an artisan who works in wood. Whatever I feel like making or trying to make I will, sometimes it works sometimes it don’t!

Here you will find some images of what I do, links to view more, buy what is currently available, or contact me to request a special piece or set.  Start by visiting my Facebook page or my Etsy site.

In time, I will include here a gallery of my work.  Thank you for stopping by.